My Brand or My Stripper Name?

I’m really enjoying my blog and reading what other people write. I’m learning things here.

At this time of my life I have time to write and I’m wanting to expand that even though I don’t have a plan—just the occasional fantasy.

Several days ago I received a book about social media for writers. Reading about social media has never sounded interesting to me but I liked the writing style of the author, Kristin Lamb, who has a WordPress blog.  It interests me to read about how creative people adapt to all the changes in the world.

Also I enjoy reading about well-organized systems and strategies.  I’m only partially into the book so I’m not qualified to review it but I really like what I’ve read so far.  It’s like having a friendly, enthusiastic person sharing what they’ve learned about something that could save people from a lot of trouble and mistakes.

As I’m reading  I can get a clear idea of where I’m at with all this which realistically isn’t much of anywhere and I’m fine with that.

If I wanted this blog for professional or business purposes, I’ve already screwed up. I’m usually late to anything that comes along and anything like a reasonable username for me is already taken and then I usually pick something on a whim. Such is the case with my username here. Lamb has a solution for that.

Today while I was distracting  myself to get through checking out something that’s gone wrong in the bottom of my dishwasher…..ugh….with aching joints, I was considering my username and how it might work as a brand for something.

Then I decided it might be better as a stripper name, especially if I was male.