Unachieved Goals–So What?

Well, it’s my life.

As I mentioned recently, I’m still learning how to set goals that have clarity, actually mean something to me and are reasonably achievable. In my younger years, there was no shortage of overbearing and well-meaning people to tell me how I should be living, peer pressure, expectations and overwhelming demands. Now I have more space and can hear my inner voice more often. The rules are changing and the formulas don’t work for me and yet, I’m still here.

Some of my goals were achieved last year. I’ll bet that’s true for most people who made plans. Those same people may have accomplished a lot more than they are giving themselves credit for. I doubt if most Americans are as lazy as some accuse them of being.

What did I learn about the three major goals I wrote down that I haven’t moved forward on yet? They are still important enough to me that I’m going to continue going for it. When a goal doesn’t really resonate anymore, it’s time to let it go. It happens–people and circumstances change and sometimes something more appropriate comes along.

Today I looked at my self-imposed, overloaded to-do list and I could feel the anxiety welling up inside. That isn’t the way I want to live. It’s unnecessary and it doesn’t help–it’s just the way I learned to be from anxious, uptight people who believed that life’s a struggle.

Self-talk is important. Most people can figure out appropriate, encouraging self-talk when they remember to do so. I know I’m my own harshest critic and that only leads others to treat me that way.

Many people are finding that their true values are coming into focus more clearly what with all the changes happening. Being able to inspire oneself according to one’s values is a gift.

So, I responded to other things this year and can keep my priorities as a carry-over without feeling like a failure. The exercise/physical therapy thing which I’ve mentioned. My body is not my slave, I’m just going for feeling safe and at home in it.

Art has been important to me all my life and I’ve gone decades without drawing or painting. I dream about it. Last year I finally painted two small pieces and began a third. I had forgotten everything and it was awkward. My fingers are often stiff and my hands sometimes shake. It was a messy thing to do in my small apartment. Yet, I want to continue to do it. So yes, it’s on my list of goals again.

Making a big deal of it or taking it too seriously is not the point. It’s just some direction and structure.