Following Through

Today I followed through on creating a Word document listing my goals for the new year. This is unusual for me. I wasn’t raised to do that. The environment I grew up in was chaotic and dysfunctional and professional people have sometimes asked me if my parents were alcoholics.
Later in life, goal setting wasn’t talked about to me by the hip, cool people I would have liked to be one of. Others just seemed to magically know how to accomplish things.
Then came decades of being overwhelmed and knocked about by life and there seemed to be no point in setting goals. Really, I’m just now learning how to do this in my mid-50’s.
I read over the list I made last year, which I forgot about most of the year. My current list is more realistic and more well-rounded. It’s also more about what I really want rather than what I think I should want.

It leaves plenty of room for the life that will happen while I’m working on these plans and goals.

Some updates on things I’ve blogged about recently: The nutmeg grinder came today and I was able to use it. It had little whole nutmegs with it but the organic ones I bought recently look better. I ground a bit and put it in my second cup of coffee. It smelled divine but I couldn’t taste it as much–maybe because of the brandy I put in my first cup of coffee?

I’ve eaten all the gluten-free cookies I made from a mix the other day. I may have had a bit of trouble from the yeast that was in them but I’d make them again.

The FooPets gaming site I enjoy is still having drama and emotional members aree still leaving in droves but I’m still going to hang in there for awhile and enjoy it as much as I can.

The folks who did the documentary Victorian Farm that I enjoyed so much have also done one called Victorian Pharmacy. Something for me to look forward to.

Recently I was told that by writing down goals, I’m letting God, my higher self and my personality know what I want and that it does make a difference. Now that I feel more steady on my feet again, I’d like to bring things to the completion cycle more often–or acknowledge to myself that I want to let something go because I’ve received all the value I believe I’ll get from the situation.