Goals for the New Year

I worked on the list today. No, I’m not going to post them all. That doesn’t seem to work for me.
The last time I let other people know about a goal was when I’d worked really hard to do my physical therapy exercises so I could walk without my cane a few months ago. (I’ve fired my physical therapist a few years ago.) I was so proud. My muscles and balance were better but then my nervous system began protesting and I’ve needed my cane ever since. I was embarrassed I even called attention to my temporary achievement.
It’s on my list for this year but it’s walking without the cane at least half the time and I have until the end of the year. I’m not telling real life people either.
I’m going to begin my year on the 21st–the solstice. It feels like less pressure and I like the idea of it being the shortest day of the year and then slowly getting more daylight everyday.
Goal setting is difficult for me. I change my mind often.
Also I’m having one of those difficult lives. There were a few years during the middle of this decade where I was blindsided by unbelievable chaos and loss and then I spent a few years burned out ummm….yeah.
It was all about getting through it.
Now, I’m thinking it’s time to at least write down the goals. It helped this last year.
The ones that I failed the most at was taking up art again and exercise, which for me is stretching and alignment exercises. They are on the list again.
I don’t do resolutions. I do word-of-the-year, something I learned from Christine Kane. She’s a singer/songwriter who became a coach. I liked it when she was more of a creativity coach instead of the business focus she has now. Oh, word-of-the-year. I’ll blog about it soon.
Anyway, today I worked on goals and the list seems to be thorough and flexible and it leaves room for the delicious things that come along.
In a way my life is the same as last year and then again, I’m doing things now that weren’t even on my radar then.
I’m calling it a successful year. Lots of inner growth, which is impossible to quantify and explain.