Gluten-free Snickerdoodles

gluten-free cookie mix

A lot of gluten-free baked goods do not taste good to me. I can’t say I’m at 100% with my gluten-free diet but I’m really working at it.

Yesterday I made snickerdoodles from a mix and I’d make them again. The day before I had a regular cookie from a local coffee shop. It was sweeter and the inside was chewier. But it had gluten in it.

The ones I made are good enough and taste better to me than the gluten-free cookies I buy in a bag. They’re probably more economical too, but I’m not sure—I got the mix awhile ago. Yes, I checked the expiration date and it was still good to go. 

These could be simple sugar cookies instead but I had cinnamon and sugar. The recipe called for eggs, margarine and vegetable shortening. I happened to have the shortening around for seasoning some cast iron skillets. I much prefer butter to margarine but when I asked about it, the person doing the food demo told me they’d found that margarine worked a lot better. When it comes to food I’ve learned that I often have to compromise a bit.

The mix comes from Sunflower Mills. The company is in my neck of the woods which was why they were at my local co-op awhile back with samples and answering questions. When I looked at the products on their website a little while ago I saw that the sugar cookie mix had been changed—improved, I’m sure. It looked like some of the mixes called for oil, instead of margarine and shortening. I’ll try more of them although many of my baking utensils are long gone and the healthy new things are very expensive. Le sigh.

I’m mostly disappointed in the gluten-free loaves of bread that are ready made, usually found  in the freezer. Some I’ve tried have been gag-awful. Sunflower Mills makes bread mixes and I may check them out if it looks like I can manage the recipe. I hadn’t used a mixer in years and it was a bit awkward at first but I’m so pleased to have been able to make cookies during this time of the year.



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