Photo Testing

I’m posting an image with as little instruction refreshing as possible.  Very little of this looked familiar.   The most difficult part was finding the area on my computer to download to. I did make an attempt at editing the photo and that was unsuccessful. Ooops, my laptop battery is way down.

Now I’m back and recharging. I took this photo yesterday of a bamboo plant I have. The growning conditions in my apartment are less than ideal and I don’t have a green thumb. This little plant was an impulse purchase several years ago during my very last visit to Wal-Mart. It has grown since then.

If I practice every few days I’ll probably get better at this. In a few years I may be a wonderful blogger. I’m not letting the lack of views or comments discourage me.

Right now I’m working myself up into a bit of a sweat because it’s the first sunny, non-precipitating day in awhile and there are things I need to get out and do. This is a familiar feeling for me—–wanting to do lots of things at once.