And Not a blingee in Sight

The weather was mild enough today, although a bit breezy for my liking. Since my hair accidentally looked better than usual, I was out and about a bit more than I needed to be.

The eggnog is gone.

I had time to read some of the WordPress blogs and the more I see, the better I like this place. Yesterday I lamented that there weren’t enough intelligent conversations for me to join in. Real life is juicier than online but much of the writing here is done by nice grown-ups. Not a lot of text-speak, rants about haters and hating one’s life.

Usually interested in learning new things, this site is looking like a gold mine to me right now. I do note that I’ve only read the freshly pressed blogs. Many of them are helpful and informative and offer something for their readers.

When comparing that to my blog, it looks like mine is all about me-me-me. Being aware that I have a lot to contribute that doesn’t translate into blog material, I’m going to let that be fine.

Many of the blogs have a focus. Again, umm…..I’m learning and writing about whatever.

The pages look so clean and soothing. The Mistylook theme I have is said to be the most popular theme ever here. Often I’m in a minority fringy area about what I like but this one really is my favorite. I remember seeing it first about two years ago on someone’s website, not noticing that it was associated with this site or was available to anyone. It inspired me to want to begin drawing again. That’s something for another post.

Anyway, I’m pleased to be here.