A Gothic Horror Waiting To Happen

Now I may have gone too far for ease and comfort. This blog was only set up yesterday. Today on my netbook, which has Windows 7 starter, I noticed something called Windows Live Writer and I started it up thinking it was a document writing program where drafts could be written and then published to the WordPress site. Now I’m not sure what it really is but I’m typing away here.

The title of this post? That’s a sentence I happened to read in a fiction book earlier today. It amused and delighted me. It is way more juicy than a gothic horror that’s already happened.

It’s wonderful to feel enlightened for a time. Having bliss-filled moments and basking in higher energies for awhile—I’ll take it when it’s available.  When I’m in that serene place, words are usually not involved.  When another is in a similar state, that’s fine.

Most of the time, human life is all too real. (I like my human life). It’s annoying to read about love and light when I’m not amped up to that degree. It’s kind of like eating too much Halloween candy corn. Too much pastel fog. It’s the experience that’s amazing, not writing or reading about it.

I’ve had more than my share of drama and tragedy. When things have been clicking along kind of satisfactorily for awhile in a mundane sort of way, I get a little nervous.

Contrast is needed for a person to feel alive. Some grit and noir. I’d go insane without entertainment. What a juicy, imagination-sparking sentence: A gothic horror waiting to happen.  It makes me smile.


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