Will There Be a Harvest?

A fresh, new Blog!  This isn’t my first one, although it’s the most serious-looking one I’ve started.

Usually begun with a sense of inspiration, purpose and ease–then other aspects of life  step up with assertive calls for my attention away from regular posting.

Experienced bloggers sometime recommend that a new blogger have a stash of posts lined up in the beginning. That was considered. I noticed hesitation in doing it that way too.

Completion and follow-through are important. Sometimes it’s simply the learning and the journey that is valuable and bittersweet. Every little thing we choose has an effect.

When months would go by with no comments in my previous blogs elsewhere,  it sometimes felt like I was engaging in yet another real world exercise in futility. I rarely posted comments too—it felt kind of creepy. That may have been those platforms though.

It’s a quiet Sunday afternoon. There’s a blanket of snow on the ground. The moon is new and I’ll begin a new blog.

This isn’t a challenge to the relative harmony of my life.